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Your-Nova-Scotia-Travel-Tips, Issue #016 - The BEST Nova Scotia Travel Tips
June 28, 2018
Issue #016, June 28, 2018

hi folks,

Welcome to the June issue of Your Nova Scotia Travel tips.

I had the opportunity to attend the Hike Nova Scotia Summit that was held in Ingonish , Cape Breton at the beginning of May. We were in the Cape Breton Highlands National park and it was absolutely fabulous! It was still a little cool but the sun was shining and it was perfect for hiking.

I thought I'd use this issue to laud Hike Nova Scotia and all that they do for the promotion of hiking in Nova Scotia. 250 people attended the summit and we spent 3 days discussing and sharing issues around hiking in the province. And, of course, we also hiked.

I did 3 hikes during the summit and each one now has a page on my website.

Franey Mountain

Franey Mountain was my first hike. I hiked Franey years ago and knew that it was a challenge. We were a group of about 30 and away we went. We huffed and puffed all the way to the top. It was amazing.

We could see the Atlantic Ocean, Middle Head, Ingonish Island and Cape Smokey. This is probably one of the best hiking trails in the park so check it out on your next visit.

Mica Hill

Mica Hill was my second hike. This one was very different than Franey. Mica Hill is high on the highland plateau at about 650 ft (200m) as soon as you start this hike. I also had done this one awhile back when it was called Glasgow Lakes.

We had glorious views of the highlands to the north as soon as we started hiking. It was a complete 360 degree view once we reached Mica Hill. This one is really a ‘must do’ if you want to hike in the Cape Breton highlands. The barren landscape of Mica Hill is fabulous.

Cape Smokey

Cape Smokey was my 3rd and final hike on the last day of the summit. The sky was a beautiful blue when we did this hike. The highlands had felt the full brunt of several wind storms during the winter and spring so there were lots of fallen trees. We had to make several detours but the final view was worth it.

From Stanley Point the view of the highlands, North and South Bay Ingonish, Ingonish Island, Middle Head, Ingonish Beach and St. Paul's Island to the north was amazing.

Your hiking story

I would love to hear from you if you have done some hiking in Nova Scotia. You can submit a story about your hike directly on my website on my page called Nova Scotia Hiking.

You'll get your own page on Your Nova Scotia Holiday!

Hike Nova Scotia

The Hike Nova Scotia website lists hiking events from across the province. Check it out if you'd like to join a local group on one of their hikes.

Nova Scotia e-books

Are you planning to spend some time on the Cabot Trail during your vacation?

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Doers & Dreamers 2018 Guidebook

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Trip Advisor & Halifax

Trip Advisor says that Halifax is one of Canada's top destinations. Well, I didn't need Trip Advisor to tell me this!! LOL!

Seriously, Trip Advisor is a great tool when planning a trip. I use it all the time and try to write reviews when I can.

Use this Trip Advisor link to make your accommodations booking. I earn a small commission with each reservation made via my site and this helps me pay my expenses.

I would really appreciate it!! Cheers!!

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Well, that's it for now. See you next month for my next issue. Best to everyone,

Ann Marie, Editor, Your Nova Scotia Holiday

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