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Your-Nova-Scotia-Travel-Tips, Issue #014 - The BEST Nova Scotia Travel Tips
March 02, 2018
Issue #014, March 2, 2018

hi folks,

I hope spring is arriving early where you are. Longer days and milder temperatures sure feels good. It is about this time that I start to plan some vacation for the summer.

I know that I will at least spend some time in the Ingonish (Cape Breton) area in early May for some hiking.

Have you started to make any plans yet? Maybe this newsletter will get you thinking!

Cape Breton & Halifax - Festivals & Events

I started to update my Nova Scotia Festivals & Events pages.

You will find information for Halifax and Cape Breton festivals and events.

As usual, there is lots going on this summer. Some folks like to schedule their vacation plans around a festival or two that they like. I think this is a fantastic idea.

I am updating my listings as dates are announced. Unfortunately, you'll still see some TBA dates on my pages but hopefully this won't be for long.

Two things to remember is that there are events that happen year round in Cape Breton. The Ceilidh Trail on the west coast of Cape Breton has musical events almost every night of the week all year long.

Similarly, there are several events that occur each week all summer. So look closely at the Cape Breton Festivals page to find something that interests you.

Whale watching

Some of the top viewed pages on my site are my whale watching pages. This has got to be one of the best things to do during your Nova Scotia holiday. Everyone seems to be fascinated by whales and we all want to protect them.

The whale watching tour guides do their utmost to safeguard these majestic creatures while at the same time allowing us to get a glimpse of them.

The Bay of Fundy and Northern Cape Breton offer the best whale watching tours. There are several options for these tours. You can see the whales from a converted fishing boat or a zodiac or even a kayak. I suggest you check my whalewatching page and really think about how you would best enjoy your whale watching tour.

I was on Brier Island for my whale watching adventure a few years ago and it was absolutely awesome.

The weather can change quickly on the Bay of Fundy and on the Atlantic Ocean in Northern Cape Breton so you need to be prepared. Just because it is warm on land does not mean that it is warm on the water. I suggest you dress in layers and bring a rain jacket, just in case. A little snack plus water are also good ideas. AND......don't forget your camera.

Let me know if you do take a whale watching tour this summer. I'd love to hear your story and see your pictures. Your story could be featured on my website. Have you already done a whale watching tour in Nova Scotia? I would love to hear about it.

Doers & Dreamers 2018 Guidebook

Have you ordered your Nova Scotia Doers & Dreamers 2018 guidebook yet? I received my copy this week.

Call TOLL FREE and get your copy 1-800-565-0000.

Want to start planning now?

Check out my Nova Scotia e-books. They will certainly get you started and give you lots of ideas to make your vacation to Nova Scotia the best vacation ever!!

44 Awesome Things on the Cabot Trail is filled with great information about what to see and do during your tour of the Cabot Trail. It also has 17 awesome tips for along the way.

Itineraries for 3 days in Halifax & 3 days in Cape Breton will give you lots of ideas of activities for the ultimate vacation in Halifax and Cape Breton.

You can even get a package deal when you purchase them as a bundle.

Trip Advisor & Halifax

Trip Advisor says that Halifax is one of Canada's top destinations. Well, I didn't need Trip Advisor to tell me this!! LOL!

Seriously, Trip Advisor is a great tool when planning a trip. I use it all the time and try to write reviews when I can.

Use this Trip Advisor link to make your accommodations booking. I earn a small commission with each reservation made via my site and this helps me pay my expenses.

I would really appreciate it!! Cheers!!

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That's it for now. Best to everyone,

Ann Marie, Editor, Your Nova Scotia Holiday

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