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Your-Nova-Scotia-Travel-Tips, Issue #021 - The BEST Nova Scotia Travel Tips
February 04, 2022
Issue #021, February 2022

hi folks,

Welcome to Your Nova Scotia Travel Tips.

Have you started to make plans for your Nova Scotia Holiday? I am here to help!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I have not written a newsletter since well before the pandemic started. But I felt it was about time that I did. Obviously, we are all hopeful that the pandemic will soon come to an end. With that in mind, I thought it was time to start planning our vacations for 2022.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time early last fall camping along the Bay of Fundy. My timing was perfect and the weather was perfect.

This newsletter will feature some of the many activities to do on the north side of the Bay of Fundy stretching from the Truro area to the Cape Chignecto Provincial Park.

Cliffs of Fundy Geopark

This is a new designation for this area along the Bay of Fundy. It was granted in 2020 by UNESCO. A Geopark aims to attract visitors wishing to explore the connections between geology, local communities, culture, and nature.

Geoparks are all about celebrating a region’s uniqueness. This fits perfectly with the Bay of Fundy. I have listed a few places below where you can discover the special nature of the bay.

Five Islands is a wonderful community along the Bay of Fundy. The lighthouse park sits on the beach in front of the Five Islands. Mi'kmaq legend says their god, Glooscap, created these islands when he threw mud and stones at a beaver for damming a medicine garden in the area.

Roam the beach at low tide or simply watch the tide come in or out. You can also access the beach at the day area in the Five Islands Provincial campground.

Economy Falls will take you deep into the Cobequid hills. There is a steep descent down to the falls but well worth the effort. This is a gorgeous area. Some of the oldest rocks in Nova Scotia can be found here.

The Red Head hiking trail is a gem which is definitely a ‘must-do’ if you are in the area of Five Islands. It is located within the boundaries of the Five Islands Provincial park. This is not a long trail nor is it difficult. The views along the trail and especially at the tip of Red Head are exceptional.

The Thomas Cove hiking trail is located in the Thomas Cove Coastal Reserve. This is an awesome spot to hike along the Bay of Fundy coastline. The red sandstone rocks upon which you will walk are constantly being shaped by the Bay of Fundy tides. I loved it!

The Fundy Geological Museum is an excellent place to visit if you want to learn more about the geological history of the Bay of Fundy and specifically how Pangea was formed 300 million years ago. There are also great displays about the dinosaurs that once roamed Nova Scotia. This is a great spot for the kids.

Wasson Bluff is where an amateur geologist, Eldon George, found the world’s smallest dinosaur tracks. It was a 3-toed footprint made by a theropod dinosaur about the size of a robin.

Partridge Island is also a great hike. The ancient sandstone and basalt cliffs of Partridge Island are constantly eroded by the Bay of Fundy tides. So it is very possible to find gemstones, minerals and fossils due to the ever-changing shoreline.

These are just a sample of what there is to see along the Bay of Fundy and within the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark. Check out my Bay of Fundy pages to see what else there is to explore.

Tide Schedule

Make sure you are aware of the tide schedule before venturing close to the waters on the bay. The tides come in quite quickly so it is very important to be aware of the tides schedule.

To check the tides for your area of interest check out the link above. Enter the location in the search box at the top corner of the map.

Spotlight on Parrsboro

Parrsboro is located in the middle of the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark. I encourage you to take look at this charming community for your next Nova Scotia vacation. Check out Evangeline's Tower Bed & Breakfast, Pleasant Street Inn, Maple Inn, Gillespie House Inn.

The Fundy Geological Museum is in Parrsboro and Partridge Island, Wasson Bluff and Cap d'Or are not far.

The Harbour View Restaurant has great lobster rolls! This place has a super location next to the beach where there is an awesome view of the lighthouse.

A scallop dinner at the Glooscap Restaurant is also a great option. All seafood found in this area is delicious.

YouTube Channel - Your Nova Scotia Holiday

I am excited to announce that I am finally ready to launch my YouTube channel. Check it out, please subscribe and comment on the videos. And share with your friends. I’ll be adding more videos on a regular basis.

I need your vacation stories!

Do you have a story about your Nova Scotia vacation? Have you already visited the Bay of Fundy and want to tell me about it?

You will get your own page on the Your Nova Scotia Holiday website featuring your vacation story and your pictures. I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email. I look forward to hearing from many of you.

Nova Scotia e-books

Are you planning to spend some time on the Cabot Trail during your vacation?

Order a copy of my e-book: 44 Awesome Things on the Cabot Trail plus 14 awesome tips for along the way. This indispensable guide will give you a ton of information about what to see and do on your tour of the Cabot Trail.

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Nova Scotia Travel Map

Do you have a Nova Scotia travel map?

Call TOLL FREE 1-800-565-0000 and Nova Scotia tourism will send you one for FREE.

Find accommodations on Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor says that Nova Scotia is one of Canada's top destinations. I didn't need Trip Advisor to tell me this!! LOL!

Seriously, Trip Advisor is a great tool when planning a trip. I use it all the time and try to write reviews when I can.

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Nova Scotia covid info

You can go to this website to get up-to-date information about COVID in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia covid information

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That's it for now. See you next month.

Best to everyone,

Ann Marie, Editor, Your Nova Scotia Holiday

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