Five Islands
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The small community of Five Islands offers a fabulous opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the Minas Basin on the Bay of Fundy and to easily go down to the beach and mudflats at low tide. This is one of the best places to get close to the Bay of Fundy.

The name comes from, well, the Five Islands that you see in the Bay of Fundy's Minas Basin.  They are Moose, Diamond, Long, Egg and Pinnacle islands.  Beyond Pinnacle is a sea stack known as Pinnacle Rock.  The view of these islands from the shoreline is absolutely stunning.

Long Island is specifically unique.  My pictures show a hole located at the right end of the island.  A great shot for the amateur photographer such as myself.  I took this picture before the 2015 collapse of the unique hole.  It was a sad day for folks in the area and for all that love the uniqueness of the Bay of Fundy.

The Lighthouse

This special little ‘pepper pot’ lighthouse dates to 1913.  It is open in July and August for visitors to explore.  It has a great history and was actually moved several times due to the eroding coastline.  It has been in its present location since 2008.

The Beach & digging for clams

The beach is an awesome spot to roam at low tide.  You’ll see folks digging for clams.  This is certainly a gorgeous area but beware of the tides and do not wander too far from shore.  The tides can come in very quickly.

I find it quite incredible that the tide can go out so far and create such an expansive beach.

Tide Schedule

Make sure you are aware of the tide schedule before venturing close to the waters on the bay. The tides come in quite quickly so it is very important to be aware of the tides schedule.

To check the tides for your area of interest go to this Tides Schedule link.  Enter the location in the search box at the top corner of the map.

Provincial Park

The Five Islands Provincial Park is a short distance from the lighthouse park.  You can access the beach at the provincial park via the day park area. You can also camp in this park.

You will have a closer view of Moose Island and you'll be able to walk to The Old Wife. Be aware of the tide schedule when you explore this beach.  Stop at the registration building in the park and they'll provide you with the tide times.

Not Since Moses Run

The 'Not Since Moses Run' is one of those special Nova Scotia events that you won't find elsewhere.  Imagine, running on the ocean floor in the mud racing against time and the eventual incoming tide. 

Hundreds of folks show up for this run every summer.  It is scheduled according to the most optimal low tide.  It certainly is easy to see this community is a perfect backdrop for this unique event.

Where is Five Islands?

The small community of Five Islands is on route 2 between Parrsboro and Truro on the Bay of Fundy.  It is 70 km west of Truro and 20 km east of Parrsboro. 

The community overlooks the Minas Basin on the Glooscap Scenic trail.  The exact address of the Lighthouse Park is 140 Broderick Lane.

The campground is located at 618 Bentley Branch Road.  A beautiful spot overlooking the Bay of Fundy.

Other Activities on the Bay of Fundy

The Five Islands Lighthouse park is a short distance from a fabulous hiking trail called the Red Head trail. This trail is actually located in the Five Islands Provincial Park.  Turn right as you are leaving the lighthouse park and you'll find it on the east end of the community of Five Islands.

If you plan to visit more attractions on the Bay of Fundy check out my page.  The bay is gorgeous so take more time to explore.  Check out the map above to see the location of other discoveries along the bay.


There are many places to stay along the Bay of Fundy.  Once you decide on your planned activities I suggest that you check their location on my map that I include just above.  Then you can check the closest town and its accommodation options on Trip Advisor.  

Some major spots along the bay include Truro, Wolfville, Windsor, and Digby.

The Bay of Fundy can also be considered a great day trip if you are in the HalifaxWindsor or Truro areas.  These links will lead you to Trip Advisor which is my 'go to' place for accommodations.  


Nova Scotia has a wide variety of places to eat.  From fine dining, family restaurants, pubs and pizza spots.  There is something for everyone.  I suggest you check my Where to Eat page for some tips on how to find a restaurant in your location.

Five Islands is a small community but there are a few restaurants and stores to buy food.  When leaving the lighthouse park turn right onto highway 2 and you'll enter Five Islands.

Look for Grannys Restaurant, Masstown Market, Briny Cafe, and Diane's Restaurant.

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