Thomas Cove
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The Thomas Cove hiking trail is an awesome spot to get close to the Bay of Fundy and to hike along the red sandstone rocks.  The trail is located in the Thomas Cove Coastal Reserve which is a large spit of land jutting out into the bay.

Before you go to Thomas Cove

Directions: Follow highway #2 west toward Parrsboro, Economy & Five Islands.  When you arrive in Economy take a left onto Economy Point road and drive to the end (about 4km) until you see the trailhead and parking area. The google map that I include near the bottom of this page is a good resource tool for directions.

GPS at trailhead: 45°21'46.0"N 63°54'55.7"W

Distance:  7km (2 loops)

Elevation: 55 metres

Time:    3-4 hours

Level of Difficulty:  easy to moderate

Food/Water:  Water is always necessary.  Light snacks are also a good idea.  

Clothes/Accessories:  A sweater or light jacket; sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots; insect repellent; binoculars and a camera.

Facilities: There are no facilities on this trail.

Okay - Let's get Hiking

There are actually 2 trails, the Headland trail and the Economy trail. Both are loops and start at the trailhead.  You'll see both on the map above which is located at the trailhead.

The map also indicates a trail called the Cove trail.  It seems this is a short connector walk to the Headlands trail.

I started my hike on the Economy trail. The first part of the trail is through the woods where you can also see the cove.  It was low tide so I was happy to be able to get down to the rocks. 

I was able to climb down onto the rocks with the help of a rope tied to a tree. I spoke to a fisherman while I was there and he told me that the rope was put there in part to assist folks to get off the rocks if the incoming tide gets too close.

It is rather steep but the rope is a great help.

The Economy trail gives spectacular views of the coastline and bay.  You are looking over the Minas Basin and Burntcoat Head is on the other side almost directly in front of you. 

You can walk along the large rocks for a long time. The red sandstone has been sculpted by the strong tides.  The ledges that have been formed will allow you to easily roam around the coastline.

You need to complete this loop and head back toward the trailhead in order to access the Headlands trail.  The trail will take you inland around a fertile lush marshland.  After crossing a small bridge you'll hike through a beautiful forest.  The trail is well-marked with slight elevations.

Gorgeous views of the Bay of Fundy await you once you get to the coast.  You are high above the bay now and will not be able to get down to the sandstone rocks.

You'll be able to see the coastline on the Economy trail from these look-offs.  Doing this 2nd trail at Thomas Cove is certainly worth it.

I returned to the trailhead via the small bridge and following the trail around the marshland.  The incoming tide was quite strong at this point so I think my timing to do this trail was good.

The trailmap shows loops for both trails but I elected to an aller-retour for both so I could stay close to the coastline.

Thomas Cove is a magical place where you can get close to the bay and witness the ever-moving tides.  

Tides Schedule

Make sure you are aware of the tide schedule before venturing close to the waters on the bay. The tides come in quite quickly so it is very important to be aware of the tides schedule.

To check the tides for your area of interest go to this Tides Schedule link.  Enter the location in the search box at the top corner of the map.

This is a short video that I took at Thomas Cove in Sep 2021.  It was a gorgeous day to explore the cove.

What's next after Thomas Cove?

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