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Bay of Fundy
...the world's highest tides...

The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia is a natural phenomenon that you won't see anywhere else in the world!! Imagine this:

  • 1 billion tons of water flowing in and out of a body of water every 12 hours
  • a tidal range that can be as high as 50 feet (15 metres) which is about 5 times more than a regular tide on the Atlantic coast
  • walking on the ocean floor where only 12 hours previously fishing boats floated 
Harbourville on the Bay of Fundy at high tide
Harbourville on the Bay of Fundy at low tide

This is the Bay of Fundy where you'll see the highest tides in the world!  And I invite you to come and experience it in beautiful Nova Scotia. 

The outdoor adventures along the bay are countless:  whale watching, kayaking, camping, tidal bore rafting, hiking, fossil hunting and digging for clams on the ocean floor.

You and the kids will not get bored here. 

Can you believe that the bay's incoming tide is so forceful that is temporarily reverses the flow of several rivers that flow into the bay.  When the tide and rivers collide a wave called a 'tidal bore' is created as it moves upriver. 

This can be a spectacular sight and you can experience it on several different types of tours.

There are also several places where you can walk on the bottom of the ocean floor at low tide.  This really is something very special.  You will also see boats tied up to their docks just sitting in the mud flats at low tide. 

You cannot see this anywhere else in the world.  Just wait 12 hours and the tide will be in and the boats will be floating in the water as we usually see them.  Very impressive!

Where is the Bay of Fundy?

The Bay of Fundy is on the western side of Nova Scotia and is nestled between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Getting to the Bay of Fundy

The bay covers a large area so you can view it in many different places in Nova Scotia.  If you arrive by car in the Amherst area taker highway ?? toward Joggins and Cape Chignecto.

If you are in the Truro area look for highway

You have several options if you want to reach the Bay of Fundy from Halifax.

The Yarmouth ferry which comes in from Portland, Maine is xx km, ? hours from Digby.

You can also take a ferry and cross the Bay of Fundy from Saint John, New Brunswick to Digby, Nova Scotia. This is what I did one summer and it was wonderful.We took an afternoon crossing and the weather was perfect.  It was gorgeous to be on the deck and to admire the bay.

Attractions & Activities

My map of the Bay of Fundy will show you the location of the many different things to see and do along the bay. There is a wide variety of attractions and activities along the bay.  

Whale watching

Whales visiting the bay include fin, humpback, minke & the northern right whale.  Brier Island & Digby Neck are the best places for whale watching. 

Tour operators can differ in their seasons so contact the one you prefer to see their schedules. Check out my page for whale-watching in Nova Scotia.

Viewing the Changing Tides

Burntcoat Head
Five Islands
Wasson Bluff
Patridge Island
Cape Split
Blomidon Provincial Park
Cape d'Or

Viewing the Tidal Bore

Fundy Interpretive Centre in South Maitland ??
Truro Tidal Bore Viewing Visitor Information Centre
Shubie river



There are dozens of hiking options along the Bay of Fundy.  From high above on the cliffs overlooking the bay to the beach looking for fossils and dinosaur bones.

Wasson Bluff and Partridge Island are located near Parrsboro and the Fundy Geological Museum.  Both give great views of the bay.

Cape Split which is high above the Bay of Fundy cliffs is one of the best hiking trails in Nova Scotia. 

I would classify it as a moderate hike but it can take up to 5 hours.  So, plan accordingly.

If you want to see something really unique check out the Balancing Rock on Long Island on Digby Neck. 

The hiking trail is not long. But there plenty of steep stairs.  The Balancing Rock is at the end where it sits precariously on the edge of the cliffs.

Brier Island is a hiker's paradise.  This is an awesome place to spend some vacation time. 

This little island will help you to get away from won't want to leave.

The Five Islands Lighthouse Park & the nearby Five Islands Provincial Park Campground are excellent spots for hiking. 

Either on the beach at low tide or at the campground for a 3-hour hike overlooking the bay.


The steep cliffs along the Bay of Fundy are constantly exposing new fossils from 300 million years ago.  The changing tides give the professional and amateur fossil hunting ample opportunity to make the next 'big' find.

Joggins Fossil Cliffs are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offer one of the richest areas for fossils in Nova Scotia. 

Their tours are a fantastic way to lean about the cliffs and what can be found.

The Fundy Geological Museum is a wonderful place to visit if you love dinosaurs.  This is an especially great place for the kids. 

Beach and zodiac tours are available. 

The world's smallest fossilized dinosaur prints were found not far from here at Wasson Bluff.


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