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Your-Nova-Scotia-Travel-Tips, Issue #004 -- The BEST Nova Scotia Travel Tips
May 24, 2014
Issue #004, May 23, 2014

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the May 2014 issue of Your Nova Scotia Travel Tips!

Spring is certainly in the air! Just got back from some hiking fun in Parrsboro. This little town is on the Bay of Fundy and is about 1 hour from Amherst and is home to the Fundy Geological Museum.

I actually visited this museum last summer and was thrilled to find out that the 3rd annual Hike Nova Scotia Summit was being held here.

It was spectacular!

Read on for more information!

Ann Marie

Festivals & Concerts

Before I get to Parrsboro and the Bay of Fundy I wanted to share with you another list of some great events and festivals that are happening in Nova Scotia this summer.

Get out your vacation schedule and check it out.....

World War II 'D-Day' Commemorative Display
June 7 - 8

Privateer Days
Liverpool, South Shore
June 20 - 22

Lobster Bash
Digby, Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley
July 4 - 6

Peggy's Cove Area Festival of the Arts
Peggy's Cove, South Shore
July 10 - 20

Tastes of the Valley
Wolfville, Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley
July 26

Lunenburg Wooden Boat Reunion & Regatta
Lunenburg, South Shore
July 26 - 27

Tancook Island's 3rd Geocache Event
Big Tancook Island, South Shore
July 27

Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival
Lunenburg, South Shore
August 3

Judique On The Floor Days
Judique, Ceilidh Trail
August 15 - 17

Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival
Amherst, Northumberland Shore
August 15 - 30

Freedom of the City of Halifax Parade
Halifax, Halifax Metro
August 22

Glencoe Day
Glencoe Mills, Ceilidh Trail
August 31


I always try to check out the location of an event or festival before I go. This way I can see the facilities, the parking, the best place to enjoy the show and the best place to take pictures.

Must-See Museum

The Fundy Geological Museum is a great place to get up close and personal to the many types of fossils that have been found in Nova Scotia.

Did you know that some of the oldest dinosaur bones in the world have been found in Nova Scotia?

Did you know that the smallest dinosaur footprints ever found were discovered along Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy?

Visit the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro and learn all about it!


After your visit to the museum make sure you go down to the beach. Turn right when you leave the parking lot and then another quick right (Pier Road). Go to the end of the road.

There is a little restaurant here called the Harbourview Restaurant. I had a lobster roll when I was there. A great little place for a meal.

Stroll down to the beach afterward. There is an awesome view of the Parrboro lighthouse (especially in the evening light).

The Great Outdoors

I have 2 great hikes to suggest when you are in the Parrsboro area. Both give spectacular views of the Bay of Fundy and both are rich in fossils and minerals.

Partridge Island and Wasson Bluff are perfect places to hike.

You'll climb a bit on Partridge Island and have a wonderful view of the bay. You'll be able to see Cape Split in the distance.

Wasson Bluff made history in 1984 when the smallest dinosaur footprints ever found were discovered. An awesome place to explore the Bay of Fundy.


Make sure you check the tide schedules before you venture to the beach on the Bay of Fundy. High tide can come in very fast and can be very dangerous!

Remember that the Bay of Fundy is home to the highest tides in the world. Each tide cycle brings 100 billion tonnes of water in and out of the bay. A truly spectacular site.

All visitor information centres post the tide times so have a look. This includes the Fundy Geological Museum and the staff can answer any of your questions.

Celtic Music

I just received an email that there is a new music festival in Cape Breton this summer.

It is hosted by the Gaelic College in St. Ann's on the Cabot Trail. But the concerts will be all over the island. The dates are June 29 - July 5.

Named "KitchenFest" - this is a fantastic way to celebrate Cape Breton's Gaelic culture and enjoy traditional celtic music.

Check out the Gaelic College KitchenFest schedule! It looks fabulous!


This festival is not just music! There are plenty of other activities as well. You may even learn some gaelic!

There are community meals, daily lunchtime ceilidhs, cultural demonstrations, a Gaelic symposium, a milling frolic and The Big Square Dance.

There is something for everyone! You could plan your entire vacation around this festival.

Halifax Attractions

I think the place that I enjoy the most when I am in Halifax is the Halifax Harbourfront. There are always lots of things going on, lots of people and everyone is happy and having a good time!

The harbourwalk is a wonderful 4-km boardwalk that stretches along the waterfront for 10 city blocks from Casino Nova Scotia to the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.

You can easily spend hours here!

Stroll along the water and enjoy the music, the shopping, the food, the ships, the museums and the fresh salt air.


Do you like traditional fish and chips?

If yes, then make sure you stop at the Battered Fish along the boardwalk. This is one of the best fish & chips places I have tried.

There are picnic tables behind the shack so you can enjoy the view of the harbour while you eat.

Take note that you can get a beavertail next to the shack as your dessert!!

Hot off the Press

CNN has named Cape Breton as 1 of their 10 places they think are well worth a stop on your global adventure.

I must say that I agree!

Check out the CNN article.


Do you want to get some FREE tourism guides about Nova Scotia? Maybe even a map?

Well, you can! Call Nova Scotia Tourism at 1-800-565-0000.

They will send you a Doer and Dreamers Guide book.

Make sure you ask for a Nova Scotia travel map too!

A little extra...

Travel & Leisure has rated the Princess of Acadia as one of the most beautiful ferry rides in the world!

This is the ferry that links New Brunswick to Digby, Nova Scotia. It travels across the Bay of Fundy and is a perfect way to go


My plan is to take the ferry this summer! What about you?

Check it out at Acadia Ferry.

Follow Me

My pinterest boards are really starting to grow. It really is addictive. These boards help me to collect wonderful pictures.

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Do you want up-to-date information on interesting things happening in Nova Scotia?

Setting up a facebook page is still on my 'to do' list.

Stay tuned!!

Almost forgot...don't forget to check the updates that I just did to my website. The summer activities for the Cape Breton Highlands National Park are updated.

The summer attractions for the Fortress of Louisbourg are also updated.

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That's it for now!

See you next month about this time for the next issue of Your Nova Scotia Travel Tips.

Don't forget to forward this issue to your friends and family! I would really appreciate it!

All the best,
Ann Marie

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