Fortress of Louisbourg

The Fortress of Louisbourg is a great place to explore history and to get a glimpse of what life was like back in 1744. There are lots of attractions at the fortress.  You might need more than 1 day for your visit.

There are lots of choices:

1. Be a Prisoner for a Day

2. Learn to fire a cannon or musket

3. Spend the night at the fortress

4. Explore the Ruins Walk

5. Learn about the Mi'kmaw and the Fortress

6. Take a guided tour

7. Enjoy a picnic at the fortress

8. Attend a Celtic Colours concert

1. Prisoner for a Day

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day as a character in New France? What about being a prisoner at the Fortress of Louisbourg?

Spend some time in jail with only bread and water! And receive your punishment in the public square at the fortress.

Come and enjoy an exciting and unique experience!

A thief is arrested at the Fortress of Louisbourg

2. Learn to fire a cannon or musket

Can you imagine firing a cannon or a musket like they did at the fortress in 18th Century?  You would be defending the fortress.  The muskets used are an exact replica of an 18th century musket.

3. Spend the night at the fortress

Staying overnight at the fortress would be a fantastic adventure.  Louisbourg offers 2 choices:  you can camp on the grounds or you can book a night in a 18th Century house.

Call 902-733-3552 or email for more details.

4. Explore the Ruins Walk

The Ruins Walk (2.3 km/1.44 mi) will take you to the coast and to the French town of Louisbourg that remains in ruins.  There are interpretive panels that will guide your walk. You'll also see monuments along the walk and some remaining foundations.

I have walked it and I loved it.  I encourage everyone to explore this fascinating part of the fortress.

The ground is very uneven on the Ruins Walk and continuing erosion is severely damaging the area.

5. Learn about the Mi'kmaw and the Fortress

The Mi'kmaw played an important at the Fortress of Louisbourg.  Always friends with the French they played key roles in the defense of the fortress.

Visit the Mi'kmaw Interpretive centre and learn about this special alliance.  The centre displays the friendship through images, artifacts, songs, traditional drumming and storytelling.

Great View of the King's Bastion

6. Take a guided tour

Taking a guided tour of the fortress is one of the best ways to ensure you see all that you need to see and to hear some great information about this historical spot. 

The guides are well-versed in the history of the Fortress of Louisbourg and are eager to answer your questions.

You can take a walking tour or a motorized tour in a small electric cart.  Ask at the information desk about the times for the tours when you arrive at the fortress.

Celebrating the Feast of St. Louis at the Fortress of Louisbourg

7. Enjoy a picnic at the fortress

I cannot imagine a more special place to enjoy a picnic that on the grounds of the Fortress of Louisbourg.  There is loads of greenery everyone, picnic tables are plentiful and the ocean is only a short walk away on the Ruins Walk.

You can even order your picnic at the fortress.  How does a lobster roll, ceasar salad, King's Bakery bread & cheese & blueberry grunt sound?  This is just a sample of what the folks at the fortress can prepare for your fortress picnic.

Email or call 902-733-3230 and ask about their menu choices.

8. Attend a Celtic Colours concert

The annual Celtic Colours International Festival is held each October in venues scattered throughout Cape Breton. 

There  is usually a concert hosted in the Chapel in the King's Bastion at the fortress.  An authentic, traditional 18th century meal is also part of the evening.  Check the Celtic Colours website the festival schedule.

There are many activities throughout the summer at the fortress. Take a full day to enjoy this historic place.  It is fun simply to walk around the grounds and enjoy the beautiful buildings and the gorgeous coastline.

For your visit to the Fortress

Have a look at my page on the history of the Fortress of Louisbourg and you'll read about what happened. I like to think of myself as an amateur historian so I had lots of fun with this page!

The Fortress itself is living history.  You won't want to miss anything.

Accommodations in the area and surrounding areas are listed here so check out this page if you plan to stay overnight or nearby. There is also a variety of restaurants to chose from in Louisbourg.

Believe it or not there are other things to do in Louisbourg as well. Check out the beaches, hiking trails and the first lighthouse in Canada.

My Fortress location page will be a big help as well.  There are several options to get there and this page describes them.

Have you participated in any of these special attractions?

Do you have a great story about it? Or, do you have a story about another special attraction at the Fortress that I did not include on this page?

I would love it if you could share your story with us!

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