An autumn Sunday in Cape Breton.

by Ilona Jagnow
(Freeport NY)

My Parents & I were on a Royal Carribean cruise heading to Quebec, on the way we stopped in Cape Breton on a Sunday. We signed up for a bus tour tha included Alexander Graham Bella's Museum. However because it was a Sunday, not much else was open. We were welcomed at a small church that was having a craft fair after their morning service along with their social hour.
The folks of the church and neighborhood were what I remember most, they were so warm and welcoming to a bus load of tourists. So willing to share their stories of their home and share their Sunday with us. They had beautiful homemade afghans, many items sporting their local tartan, paintings by local artists, jams and baked goods.
One of my most memorable ports in a beautiful cruise, Thanks to the warmth and heart of the people. ❤️

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