Balancing Rock
..a natural wonder..

The Balancing Rock is a force of nature standing proudly on the cliffs overlooking St. Mary's Bay.  Folks come here because they don't believe the pictures!  This column of rock sitting at the edge of the cliff looking like it will fall over any minute.

Well, I came, I saw and it really does look like that!

The Balancing Rock
It really is attached on a corner!

This rock is a narrow vertical 9 metre high column of basalt hanging on for 'DEAR LIFE' on cliffs overlooking St. Mary's Bay on the Bay of Fundy.  No one knows for sure how long it has been like this but it could be thousands of years.

You'll see that the erosion from the bay has caused many other similar columns to collapse.  But not this one!  Even when fishermen tried to pull it down with their boats - no way!  This is a solid piece of rock that refuses to move.

Before we go:

Directions:  Take Highway 217 west toward the East Ferry on Digby Neck.  Take the 10 minute ferry ride to Tiverton on Long Island. Continue on the 217 for a couple of minutes and you'll see a sign for the Balancing Rock on your left.  It is about 1 hour from Digby.

The #10 indicates the location of the Balancing Rock
The Balancing Rock trail

Level of difficulty:  This is an easy hike, however, there is a steep descent at the end.   

Length & time required:  2.5 km (2 mi) return trip; about 1 - 1.5 hours.

Clothes/Accessories:  The weather along the Bay of Fundy can be unpredictable.  Check the weather forecast beforehand. A sweater or light jacket and raingear are always a good idea.  It can be very windy here and the clouds can move in very quickly. 

Sturdy walking shoes would be good for this hike; walking stick will help with the steep stairs; and, don’t forget the camera.

Facilities:  There is a large parking lot at the trailhead as well as pit toilets.  There are also maps of other hiking trails in the area.  There are benches on the viewing platform.

Check out this map of the Bay of Fundy to see the location of the Balancing Rock.

Ok!  let's get hiking to the Balancing Rock

This is probably one of the nicest hiking trails that I have ever been on.  The walk through the woods is lovely.

There are several informative interpretive panels that describe the vegetation in the area.

There are also boardwalks to help you walk through wet and fragile areas.

This first part of the hike was totally relaxing with lots of lush greenery surrounding you.

This beautiful rock is a natural wonder and is definitely worth a visit if you are in the Digby, Long Island and Brier Island area.  The path is well-groomed, mostly level and is not difficult.  There is a small uphill climb as you near the coast. 

There is also a very steep descent to the coast and the rock itself via a 235-step staircase.  At first glance, this may be intimidating.  But it is well done, very solid and safe.

The descent to the coast begins

The coastal view here is outstanding.  The rock is amazing and is very impressive to see up close.  There is a platform where you can take pictures and some benches as well.  You can stay here a long time which is what we did.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we loved it.

The viewing platform overlooks the bay

We were so close to the water.  It was a great feeling.  We were basically perched on the side of the cliffs.  I was so impressed with how the stairs were done.  I strongly recommend this short trail for everyone, although, you will have trouble descending the stairs if you have trouble walking.

It is also safe for small children because the sides of the stairs and the viewing platform are closed in with rigid wire fencing.  We had our little dog with us when we explored this trail and he had no trouble with the trail itself or the stairs.

You can linger here a long time

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