Burntcoat Head
...the highest tides in the world...

Burntcoat Head is located on the beautiful Bay of Fundy where you'll see the highest tides in the world. What exactly is meant by the highest tides in the world? 

Quite simply,  160 billion tonnes of water flow in and out of the bay every 12.5 hour cycle each day.  This is more than the combined freshwater rivers in the world.

Notice the low tide picture above.  The water goes all the way to the top at high tide to just below the greenery.  This is why those trees can grow.

There are several places along the bay where you can see these tides but this spot is one of the best and is very special.

It was here at Burntcoat Head that the highest tides ever at 53.6 feet were recorded on the Bay of Fundy.  The Guinness Book World Records declared in 1975 that this unique place on the bay has the highest tidal range in the world.  The range at high tide swings between 47.5 and 53.6 feet.

This is a great place to visit.  You can literally walk on the ocean floor at low tide here.  This is exactly what I did when I visited.  It was an almost mystical experience.  I didn't want to leave and I explored as much as I could.  It was amazing.

The rocks can be slippery so be careful and don't let the kids wander too far.  There were folks walking on the mudflats during my visit.  The mud is quite packed and they didn't seem to be having any issues.

Tide Schedule

Make sure you are aware of the tide schedule before venturing close to the waters on the bay. The tides come in quite quickly so it is very important to be aware of the tides schedule.

To check the tides for your area of interest go to this Tides Schedule link.  Enter the location in the search box at the top corner of the map.

Where is Burntcoat Head?

Burntcoat Head is located on the shores of the Bay of Fundy in the community of Noel on route 215 on the Glooscap Trail.  It is about 1 hour from Halifax; 50 minutes from Truro; and, 50 minutes from Windsor.  Check out the map below.


This awesome spot can be considered a great day trip if you are in the Halifax, Windsor or Truro areas.  These links will lead you to Trip Advisor which is my 'go to' place for accommodations.  You'll see a map on these pages so use the 'zoom-in' if you wish to see what is available closer to Burntcoat Head in Noel.


There are no restaurants in the immediate vicinity of this location.  I suggest you bring a picnic lunch or have a meal along the way before you arrive.

If you coming via Maitland I suggest you stop at Canada's Oldest General Store, Frieze & Roy.  This store looks really cool.

Visitor Services

This is a great place to spend a day along the Bay of Fundy.  There is a  wonderful picnic and garden area. The lighthouse has washroom facilities.  The current lighthouse is a replica of the 2nd lighthouse that was built in 1913.

Tours along the ocean floor are also available.  Call 902-369-2529 to book.

I loved my visit.  I just need to return at high tide.

There is lots to see along the Bay of Fundy. Check out my page and start your planning.

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