My Childhood on Cape d'Or

by Alice
(Toronto, ON Canada)

My Uncle, Phil Morris (with his wife, my Aunt Maie), ran the lighthouse on Cape d'Or for over 30 years until 1981 - the new version of the lighthouse was completed the year I was born in 1965.
When I was a child, my family and I used to go on the Cape to spend the night often when we were vacationing at our summer home on Back Street in Advocate Harbour. I used to be terrified of the sound of the fog horn and my dad had to cover my ears when we drove (or in bad weather, walked) down the hill.
So many great memories - listening to stories about the history of the area, lobster feasts on the beach at Horseshoe Cove as well as at the Red Rocks (now Chignecto Park), cold swims in the ocean and spending time playing with my cousins. I have a picture somewhere of my Aunt Maie feeding squirrels on the back steps of the light keepers cottage.
It is a very magical place!

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