The Ovens
...explore the sea caves...

The Ovens Park offers a wonderful opportunity to explore sea caves along the Atlantic Ocean coastline.  These caves were a great discovery and are a great place for an adventure.

Before you go to The Ovens

Directions: Follow highway #103, take exit 11 toward Lunenburg, turn right onto highway #332.  Drive about 12km (8mi) to Feltzen South and turn left.  Then turn right on Ovens Park Road.  This will take you to the park entrance at 326 Ovens Road.

Distance:  3-4 km return

Elevation: 70m

Time:    1.5 hours

Level of Difficulty:  Easy, however, watch small children as the trail is high on the cliffs. Pay attention on the stairs which descend to the caves.

Food/Water:  Water is always necessary.  Light snacks are also a good idea.  

Clothes/Accessories:  A sweater or light jacket; sturdy walking shoes; and a camera.

Facilities: There are no facilities along the trail.  The Ovens Park is also a campground & RV park. There are also housekeeping cabins.  There is a beach, a picnic area, general store and washroom facilities at the park entrance.

Note:  There is a fee to access the hiking trail.

Okay - Let's get Hiking

You'll need to stop at the entrance to the park before you start your hike.  There will be an admission fee to access the trail.  The park office also has a great map that you'll find very useful.

It was a very hot when I visited the Ovens.  However, being on the coast made it manageable and the breeze from the ocean was welcome.

The trail is basically on the edge of the cliffs.  It is well-maintained and easy to follow.  You'll start to hear the noise from the ocean rushing into the caves quite quickly.

There are look-offs along the trail where you can stop and enjoy the views.  Take your time and enjoy these gorgeous vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastline.

The combination of the sea caves and the ocean rushing in create a tunnel sensation when the crashing of the waves becomes very loud. Make sure you check out the caves via the stairs.

Gorgeous views of the colorful rock formations makes this trail extra beautiful.  I don't think it would be possible to take a bad picture from the trail.

You'll see Lunenburg Bay when you reach the end of the trail.  You may also see the Bluenose II out for a sail.  You can return to the trailhead via the same trail.

It is interesting to note that Gold was discovered here in 1861. The area grew into a small community.  Unfortunately, the gold rush did not last.

There is a small display of artifacts and pictures in the General Store at the entrance to the park.

A little video of my trip to the Ovens:


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Where to next?

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