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Your Guide to the Very Best
Halifax Restaurants

Enjoying Halifax restaurants is always one of the highlights of any visit to this friendly seaport. I always try to test a new place each time. The great thing about the Halifax restaurant scene is that there is so much to choose from!

Fine dining to pubs to steaks to seafood to pizza! French, Italian, Greek to Mediterranean!

Halifax has something for everyone!!

One of the best things about being on vacation is, of course, eating!! What is better than finding a great restaurant after playing tourist all day!!

Get relaxed, order a beer or glass of wine and wait for your meal to be served! After all, this is what vacationing is all about!!

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I’ll include with each restaurant information about which top attractions are nearby! I think that this might help you in planning your touring day.

Don’t forget to go the end of this page and let me know about your favorite Halifax restaurant.


Halifax Restaurants
with a Social Conscience

Elements on Hollis seems to be an interesting addition to the Halifax Restaurant scene. They certainly stress their homegrown ingredients appeal and their dishes look wonderful!

Their 2-tiered concept is nice: eat locally and sustainable seafood!

The result is a mix of appealing seafood dishes with many interesting variations of vegetables. Chicken and pork dishes are also available. Monday nights are vegetarian-recipes only!! There is also a Sunday Brunch special!

Their commitment to local wineries is also quite nice. They offer bottles $5 above cost in an effort to support NS vineyards! The NS list is extensive as is the list of international wines.

For all of these reasons Elements is certainly worth a visit! The outcome of the visit will surely rest on how good the food and service really are!!

Check out the form at the end of this page and tell me about your visit to Elements!

Details & Directions:

Address: 1181 Hollis in the Nova Scotia Westin Hotel

Meals Served: Lunch & Dinner

Prices: Lunch prices range from $10.00 for the Chilled Roast Beet Salad to $12.00 for the Mussels to $18.00 for the Lobster Sweet Potato Roll and $18.00 for the Seared Atlantic Salmon.

Dinner prices are obviously higher but the Maritime Seafood Chowder is $8.00 as a starter; you can get Lobster for $28.00 and Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin for $29.00.

Attractions Nearby: Pier 21 National Historic Site, Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market

For More Information: Telephone 902-496-7960 website

The Best Halifax Seafood Restaurants

McKelvie's is one of Halifax's best seafood restaurants. The location, in a 1906 Fire Hall, makes it even more interesting.

Seafood is their specialty but they also offer salads, chicken and steaks. A good rounded menu with lots of Nova Scotia seafood receipes.

Like all of the best places in Halifax, it is a bit pricy.

A little trick…..try the early bird special….between 4-6pm chose any starter and main dish for only $19.95! I looked at the choices and it is certainly worth a visit for this!

Details & Directions:

Address: 1680 Lower Water St., On the Waterfront

Meals Served: Lunch & Dinner

Prices: Lunch prices ranges from $8.95 for the Crab Bisque to $18.95 for the Potato Crusted Haddock. Dinner ranges from $9.95 for the Torpedo Shrimp to $28.95 for the Digby Scallops or the Grilled Peppercorn Steak.

Attractions Nearby: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, H.M.C.S. Sackville

For More Information: Telephone 902-421-6161 - website

Salty’s on the Waterfront is one of those restaurants that you hear about when you first visit a place......the line is have to go to Salty’s!! Seafood cuisine on the Halifax waterfront! I guess this says it all!

It is probably one of the best seafood restaurants in Halifax and you can’t beat the view.

There are 2 floors divided by the casual and smart casual notations. Not quite sure about the difference really! Except the prices and the refinement of the menu choices!

There are lots of variations of seafood on the menu. You can have the very simple fish & chips or seafood chowder or go for something a little more exciting like the Maple Ginger Salmon or the Maritime Seafood Casserole. A point that might be interesting for parents is that there is a Kids Menu.

The second floor offers a more refined menu. The Maple Curry Chicken Pasta with Acadian Maple Syrup and the Surf & Turf with a 1lb. Nova Scotia lobster and New York Sirloin Steak sound absolutely mouth-watering!

The perfect location at the Historic Properties on the Waterfront so the atmosphere during the summer months is certainly awesome! A great place to stop after strolling for a couple of hours on the waterfront!

Details & Directions:

Address: 1869 Upper Water St., On the Waterfront

Meals Served: Lunch & Dinner

Prices: Downstairs the prices range from $8.95 for the Seafood Chowder to $21.95 for the Seafood Platter. Upstairs the range is $8.95 for the Calamari and $49.95 for the Lobster & New York Sirloin. There is a very wide range of prices upstairs.

Of course, both floors, should have lobster for which you will pay market prices!

Attractions Nearby: Historic Properties, Casino Nova Scotia, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, H.M.C.S. Sackville, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

For More Information: Telephone 902-423-6818 - website

The Press Gang is one of the best restaurants in Halifax and consistently gets great reviews. It is pricy so it is not necessarily an evening out with the kids.

Seafood dishes as well as beef, chicken, lamb and pork fill the menu.

There are several special things about this restaurant: there is an oyster bar that looks very tempting; an extensive wine list; and they have a special menu on Sundays and Mondays as a Prix Fixe!

They even have entertainment every Thursday, Friday and Saturday next to the grand piano.

The building itself is also very interesting and is one of the city’s oldest historic stone structures dating back to 1759. Just the name of the place got my attention!

Details & Directions:

Address: 5218 Prince St., near the corner of Barrington

Meals Served: Dinner ONLY

Prices: Ranging from $13.00 for the NS Mussels to $39.00 for the Olive Oil & Herb Marinated Beef Filet to $45.00 for the Lobster Duo.

Attractions Nearby: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, H.M.C.S. Sackville, Halifax Citadel

For More Information: Telephone 902-423-8816 -  website

Why not try some Greek??

Estia is probably one of the, if not the best, Greek restaurant in the city.

This is how it was described to me: the food is delicious, the service is great, prices are reasonable...I love it.

You can’t get a better recommendation than that!

This place is definitely worth a visit! There is really something for everyone on the menu.

Seafood restaurants are certainly sought after when you are in Nova Scotia but sometimes we need to look a little further for something like Estia.

It is not something that a tourist would look for in Halifax so, the local folks really have it to themselves. At least for the moment!

The menu is filled with lots of Greek dishes! There is also a vast array of salads, sandwiches, pitas, wraps and paninis.

Details & Directions:

Address: 5518 Spring Garden Road, between Birmingham St. & Dresden Row

Meals Served: Brunch, Lunch & Dinner

Prices: For lunch try the tzatziki for $7.00, the taramosaulta for $6.00 or the unique Greek nachos for $13.50. Soups, salads and sandwiches also fill the lunch menu.

The dinner prices range from $15.00 for the Mediterraneon Pasta, $18.00 for souvlaki and $20.00 for the Stuffed Haddock.

Attractions Nearby: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax Public Gardens, Halifax Citadel & Town Clock, Halifax Metro Centre

For More Information: Telephone 902-429-8331 website

A Canadian Bistro in Halifax

Entering Chives Canadian Bistro will feel like entering a French Bistro in Paris. The bright colorful decor will lighten your day. I especially love the chalkboard menu!

Just to be clear….they do not call themselves a french bistro…..note the name……they are a Canadian Bistro!!

The menu is filled with seafood delights! Always the Nova Scotia Seafood Chowder is present!. The Bruschetta Trio with grilled asparagus, aged gouda and smoked salmon would certainly tempt me.

I love the wine suggestions they make with each item on the menu.....this is classy and these chefs know what they are talking about!

They carefully select the best wines to go with their Braised Nova Scotia Lamb and the Pan Roasted Arctic Char as well as everything else on their menu! Gluten-free and vegetarian choices are also on the menu.

The building once housed the Bank of Nova Scotia and the money vault now houses their wine collection. More than appropriate, I would say!

Some say this is one of the finest restaurants in Halifax. What do you think?

Details & Directions:

Address: 1537 Barrington St., near the corner of Blowers

Meals Served: Dinner

Prices: Range from $10.99 for the Asparagus & Oyster Po'Boy as an appetizer to $26.99 for the Pan Roasted Arctic Char as your entree.

Attractions Nearby: ½ km from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic; 1 km from Pier 21 National Historic Site; 1km from the Citadel.

For More Information: Telephone 902-420-9626 website

These are just a couple of examples of the best restaurants in Halifax.  eDining Nova Scotia has a great listing of many restaurants in Nova Scotia.  Check it out!!

Taste of Nova Scotia is also a good place to find the interesting restaurants. 

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