Northumberland Shore Beaches
...warmest waters in Nova Scotia...

Northumberland Shore beaches are among the best beaches in Nova Scotia simply because of their warm waters and sandy beaches that go on forever.  The Northumberland Shore, also known as the Sunrise Trail, is located in the northern section of Nova Scotia.  This spectacular area overlooks the Northumberland Strait which is the body of water between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. 

These beaches have the warmest waters north of the Carolinas, you can walk for hours on them, they overlook a gorgeous body of water and they are seldom crowded. A perfect spot for a vacation.

I have selected 13 beaches to showcase for the Sunrise Trail on the Northumberland Shore.  All of these beaches are part of the Nova Scotia Provincial Parks system.  Two (Amherst Shores & Caribou-Munroe’s Island) are in provincial campgrounds.

It is important to know that there are limited services on these beaches.  Some of them are quite secluded. Be sure to bring everything you need for the day including beverages and food.

All have spectacular scenery so bring your camera too!

I have added a google map of the Northumberland Shore so you’ll be able to see the location of the beaches.  I have also added links to my YouTube channel where I have videos of some of these beaches.

The BEST Northumberland Shore Beaches:

Blue Sea Beach

Address: 651 Blue Sea Rd, Malagash Point, 1.5 km (1 mi) from Blue Sea Corner off Route 6, 80 km west of Pictou

GPS: N 45.804836, W 63.303586

Description: Blue Sea beach is a gorgeous long sandy beach with warm water.  This was my favorite beach along the Sunrise Trail.  The beach is about 1 km long and widens considerably at low tide.  There is lots of space and you could walk along this beach forever.

Accessibility: Change rooms & vault toilets are accessible. The path to the beach is not entirely accessible.

Lifeguards: No

Services: Picnic tables, change rooms and vault toilets

Rushtons beach

Address: 723 Route 6, Marshville, 4 km (2.5 mi) east of Brule, 40 km west of Pictou

GPS: N 45.757357, W 63.123497

Description: This is a popular beach with warm salt water.  A wonderful boardwalk leads to the beach.  It is constructed over a salt march which attracts a variety of birds.

Accessibility: Change rooms & vault toilets are accessible; boardwalk & stairs to the beach

Lifeguards: No

Services: Picnic tables, change rooms and vault toilets

Waterside beach

Address: 649 R. Grant Road, Caribou River, 3 km (2 mi) north of Route 6, east of Caribou River

GPS: N 45.761273, W 62.777221

Description: This is another gorgeous beach with few people, lots of sand, surf, dunes and warm water. A great spot for a day at the beach. A solid boardwalk leads to the beach.

Accessibility: Change rooms & vault toilets are accessible

Lifeguards: No

Services: Picnic tables, change rooms and vault toilets

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Caribou-Munroe's Island

Address: 2119 Three Brooks Rd, Caribou, 11 km (7 mi) north of Pictou, 4 km from the Nova Scotia-PEI Ferry Terminal

GPS: N 45.723768, W 62.654993

Description: This is a fabulous beach located within the Caribou-Munroe’s Island Provincial Campground.  You can access the beach through the day park or the campground.  This is a great sandy beach filled with red sand and seems to go on forever. You can hike from the beach toward Munroe's Island.  Another one of my favorites.

Accessibility: Change rooms & vault toilets are accessible

Lifeguards: No

Services: Picnic tables, change rooms and vault toilets

Melmerby Beach

Address: 6380 Little Harbour Road, Little Harbour

GPS: N 45.654781, W 62.497847

Description: This is a very popular 2 km sandy beach.  It is gorgeous with several boardwalks going to the beach.  There is a large building with running water, change rooms and flush toilets.  The dunes here are gorgeous.  I saw 2 deer when I was leaving this park.

Accessibility: A couple of boardwalks leading to beach; all services are accessible

Lifeguards: yes

Services: Lots of parking, change rooms, flush toilets, picnic tables, drinking water

Pomquet Beach

Address: 432 Pomquet Beach Rd, Pomquet

GPS: N 45.648371, W 61.805493

Description: Pomquet beach is 3km long and has a golden sand.  There is a boardwalk that leads to the beach.  This is a gorgeous beach with a beautiful dune system.  Piping plovers nest here so you’ll see signs informing you of their protected status. 

Accessibility: The boardwalk to the beach meets a beach mat which allows wheelchairs and strollers to get to the beach easier. Change rooms and vault toilets are accessible.

Lifeguards: July & Aug

Services: Picnic tables, change rooms, outdoor showers and vault toilets

Bayfield Beach

Address: 151 Bayfield Beach Rd, Bayfield, 25 km west of Antigonish

GPS: N 45.647368, W 61.759770

Description: This is a special sand & pebble beach which is best at low tide when the sand is exposed.  A wonderful boardwalk leads to the beach.

Accessibility: change rooms and vault toilets are accessible

Lifeguards: Weekends during the summer

Services: Picnic tables, change rooms and vault toilets.  Drive to the end of the road and you’ll find an ice cream spot!!

Powell's Point Beach

Address: 8049 Pictou Landing Road, Little Harbour, Route 289, turn left at Shore Road

GPS: N 45.650003, W 62.567219

Description: Sandy and rocky beach with some of the warmest waters in the area.  This is a very private beach so you really need to know it is here.  There are walking trails in this park and some bird watching possibilities.

Accessibility: None but you can drive your vehicle quite close to the beach.

Lifeguards: No

Services: Picnic tables and vault toilets

Amherst Shores Beach

Address: 6596 Route 366, 36 km (22 mi) east of Amherst & 26 km (16 mi) west of Pugwash.

GPS: N 45.959559, W 63.879650

Description: The beach at Amherst Shores expands by almost 2km at low tide resulting in perfect tidal flats & red sand to discover.  The beach is accessed via the Amherst Shore Provincial Campground.  There is a boardwalk leading to the beach.

Accessibility: The path leading to the beach from the campground is not fully accessible, although it is an easy 20-minute walking trail. The change rooms & vault toilets are located near the beach and are accessible.

Lifeguards: No

Services: Change rooms and Vault toilets

Northport Beach

Address: 7721 Route 366, 3 km (2 mi) east of Northport

GPS: N 45.926944, N 63.844122

Description: A lovely red sand & pebble beach with stairs leading to the beach.  This is a small beach with a wonderful grass field dotted with picnic tables.

Accessibility: Change rooms & vault toilets are accessible

Lifeguards: No

Services: Picnic tables, change rooms and vault toilets

Heather Beach

Address: 700 Heather Beach Rd., Port Howe

GPS: N 45.875094, W 63.753731

Description: This is another small sand & pebble beach along the Northumberland Shore. I would consider this a neighbourhood beach with many cottages in the area.

Accessibility: There is an accessible beach mat for people with wheelchairs or if you have trouble walking in the sand. Change rooms & vault toilets are accessible.

Lifeguards: July & August

Services: Limited parking. Picnic tables, change rooms & vault toilets.

Gulf Shore Beach

Address: 1033 Gulf Shore Rd., 5 km (3 mi) north of Pugwash

GPS: N 45.873616, W 63.626566

Description: This sandy beach is in a lovely setting with a beautiful grass field overlooking the Northumberland Strait.

Accessibility: Change rooms & vault toilets are accessible

Lifeguards: No

Services: Picnic tables, change rooms and vault toilets

Fox Harbour beach

Address: 865 Fox Harbour South Rd., Wallace, 4 km (2.5 mi) north of Route 6 at Wallace

GPS: N 45.835857, W 63.434459

Description: This sandy beach is small that has very warm water.  At low tide grass is exposed on the beach amidst the sand. A boardwalk will lead you to the beach and there is also a large field dotted with picnic tables.  I am  not sure how good this beach is for swimming or playing in the sand for the kids.  However, the area is gorgeous and ideal for walking and picnicing.

Accessibility: Boardwalk, change rooms & vault toilets are accessible

Lifeguards: No

Services: Picnic tables, change rooms and vault toilets


There are many places to stay along the Northumberland Shore - Sunrise Trail.  Once you decide on your planned activities I suggest that you check their location on my map that I included near the beginning of this page.  Then you can check the closest town and its accommodation options on Trip Advisor.  

Some major spots along this route for hotels include Amherst, Pictou, New Glasgow, and Antigonish.  Vacations rentals are also popular: Amherst, Pugwash,  Pictou

The Bay of Fundy can also be considered a great day trip if you are in the HalifaxWindsor or Truro areas.  These links will lead you to Trip Advisor which is my 'go to' place for accommodations.  


Nova Scotia has a wide variety of places to eat.  From fine dining, family restaurants, pubs and pizza spots.  There is something for everyone.  I suggest you check my Where to Eat page for some tips on how to find a restaurant in your location.

Where to next?

Wondering what to do after your tour of the Sunrise Trail along the Northumberland Shore?  You are not far from Cape Breton so I strongly encourage you to go there.  There is lots to see and do on the gorgeous island called Cape BretonCabot Trail, Ceilidh Trail, Fortress of Louisbourg, Miners Museum  and the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.

I have a great e-book called 44 Awesome Things to see on the Cabot Trail (+ 17 tips for along the way) that might interest you.  This book is an awesome reference for touring the Cabot Trail.  I include all of my favorite spots plus much more!

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